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Indonesia Mount Argopuro

Indonesia Mount Argopuro

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Mount Argopuro
Variety Lini S795 and Kartika
Notes Mango • Pineapple • Blackberry

On the slopes of Mt. Argopuro in East Java grows specialty coffee of remarkable quality. Local farmers nurture the coffee trees on small family plots scattered across the mountain's rich volcanic soil. At an elevation of around 1,300 meters, the climate is ideal for slowly ripening beans that develop intense flavors.

The main varietals grown are S795 and Kartika, specially selected for their excellent cup character in this terroir. Farmers harvest the coffee by hand, carefully selecting only the ripest, fullest red cherries. The freshly picked cherry crop then makes its way to the wet mill in the village of Botolinggo.

At the wet mill, the cherries are washed and soaked in water channels to sort by density. Skilled workers pick out any defects by hand and ensure only the highest quality cherries move forward. These cherries undergo a shorter 3-day anaerobic fermentation to bring out complex flavors.

After fermentation, the beans are washed again and dried slowly in the sun for 7-10 days. They are turned frequently to prevent uneven drying. Finally, the dried beans go to Driyorejo for dry-milling.

Here the parchment is removed and the green beans are sorted for size, screened for defects, and graded by density. Only the most perfect beans are selected to be packed for export. The result is an exquisite coffee - a testament to the terroir of Mt. Argopuro and the skill of East Java's coffee farmers.
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