About Pressco

The pleasure of discovery

A human pleasure, the one about seeking the new, exploring the unknown, finding answers and feeding curiosity. This is the thought that moves us and inspires us to create extraordinary flavour experiences with every coffee origin that we serve.

We are a coffee roastery from Baia Mare, in the north of Romania, where we gather a nice community of coffee lovers. We only roast seasonal specialty coffee, sourced from high altitudes. We travel where coffee grows and nurture close relationships with the farmers, taking their story further with everything that we do. An honest story about passion, wilderness, courage, struggle, respect, adventure, trust and, after all, humanity.

Every coffee is unique, surprising, out of the ordinary, and our role is to bring out the best in all of them. For every batch, we experiment with careful and light roastings, accompanied by lots of cupping sessions. Our coffee is a kind invitation to explore, an exciting journey through the rich flavours of fresh coffee beans.

Discovery happens when the coffee is finally in the cup of a curios human. That’s why we encourage our clients to enjoy it with an open mind, just like they would do on a walk around a new place that awaits to be discovered.