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Ethiopia Mi'eessa Robe

Ethiopia Mi'eessa Robe

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Farm Mi'eessa Robe
Region Guji
Variety Guji local
Notes Blackberries, Tangerines, Caramel


Diversity is where inspiration comes from. Take for example this mix of blackberries, tangerines and caramel, so different on their own, yet so deliciously pleasant together. It’s a dream team!

We have been working with Sookoo's founder, Ture Waji, since our earliest days sourcing coffee in Ethiopia. Ture and his brother, Assefa, founded Sookoo (legally, Dambi Uddo Agro Industry) in late 2018/early 2019.

Ever considering ways to pursue existing relationships in deeper/more meaningful ways, two years ago we asked Ture to start considering farmers that were delivering cherry to his station in large enough volumes, that we may be able to keep their cherry separate and, thus, have single farmer lots, dried by the Sookoo team. The goal was to identify producers that would have historically delivered to Shoondhisa or Bookkisa.

This year, we were fortunate enough to purchase two such lots from Sookoo, including this lot from Mi'eessa Robe.

Mi'eessa farms eight hectares that range in elevation from an incredibly high 2,000 masl to a jaw dropping 2,350 masl. He inherited his farm from his parents and has been a coffee farmer his entire life.

Mi'eessa is 45 years old and is married with seven children (three boys and four girls).

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