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Colombia Los Nogales - Angie Hernandez - Primitivo

Colombia Los Nogales - Angie Hernandez - Primitivo

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Region Huila
Variety Caturra 
Notes Cheeseecake • Candy • Papaya
Producer Angie Hernandez 
Altitude 2000m


“I made the decision to start a business around coffee, but I always thought that this had to be profitable, that it provided decent employment, that it had a professional level, that it was well paid and encouraged people to continue studying.” Oscar Hernandez, leader of the Los Nogales farms.

Oscar Hernández is a third-generation coffee farmer. His grandfather, Ricardo, was one of Colombia’s first ever specialty coffee producers and bought the Los Nogales farm in 1953. Ricardo Hernandez was tragically killed in the farm when trying to resist the guerrillas from extortion.  The blow to the family was accompanied by a country that mourned the loss of him. They decided to sell the farm after that tragic event. However, the youngest son Oscar Fernando - who at the time belonged to the National Navy - decides to leave his military career and take charge of the great legacy of his father. 

"For me, the best way to heal those wounds was to return to the farm, it was to continue with his legacy and feel him close, believe that he is proud of what we are doing as a family”- Oscar Hernández.



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